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Kilimanjaro Foods

Food And Drinks During Kilimanjaro Climb

You will be amazed at variety, quality and quantity of the food we served on your mount Kilimanjaro, Meru climb. As we’ve already mentioned, staying hydrated and well-fed on your climb is absolutely vital, especially when conditions are such that you might not want to eat or drink as much as you should. Because so many climbers experience a loss of appetite at altitude, our head chef has developed special menu plans that are appealing, healthy, and filled with all the energy you need to make it to the summit. By default, our meals include fresh fruit and vegetables every day. You will have fresh meat for the first part of the trek and on the southern routes where it is feasible we resupply the group at Karanga Camp.
As a special reward after your summit ascent, we’ll have an “All Day English Breakfast” ready and waiting for you when you arrive back at Base Camp – just let our cook know how you like your eggs done! And before you leave the mountain, you also get to sample some of the local Tanzanian cuisine such as Njegere and Machalari. If you have special dietary requirements or are a vegetarian then just let us know when you book so that we can be sure to have a suitable menu planned.

Daily Kilimanjaro Menus
  • Whilst each day you will be served different menus whilst on the climb the below is a guideline to what type of food you can expect on Kilimanjaro:
  • Breakfast - porridge, toast, sausages, cereal & fruit
  • Lunch - soup, rice, vegetables, chicken, casserole, chips, sandwiches
  • Dinner - soup, breads, stews, pasta, rice, vegetables, chips
  • Snacks at camp - on arrival into camp there will be salty snacks & biscuits
  • Each stop there will be purified water, hot water for teas, coffee & hot chocolate!
Dining Tents & Teams

We have big mess tents for dining and socialising in - meaning that whatever the weather or temperature on Kilimnajaro there will be cover and shelter to enjoy each meal. The mess tents will be always up when you come into camp and at all lunch stops. If the weather is especially nice sometimes we will set up a dining tables and chairs outside to make the most of the views. Our mess tents and Kilimanjaro camping equipment are of the highest quality and will therefore always be warm, dry and a spacious area to relax in.

"Staying hydrated is a crucial in the mount Kilimanjaro. So we ensure there plentiful supply of treated and filtered water in the camps each morning/ nights. You will need to take3-4 litres of water during trekking. Bring eletrolytes or flavour cordial helps to keep the taste bud excited."

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