DR Congo

The Democratic Republic of the Congo is a very unique and incredible place to visit. Mt. Nyiragongo is definitely the crown jewel of Virunga National Park. The park has made great strides improving the facilitation for visitors, including building huts on the crater rim.

DR Congo Mountains:

Note: Currently, it is not possible or safe to climb Mt. Stanley or Mt. Emin from the DR Congo side and are presented here only because they sit in the DR Congo.  Both can currently be climbed from Uganda via the Rwenzori Circuit.  Nyiragongo however, is climbed from the DR Congo and is an incredibly beautiful active volcano.

Mt. Stanley (5109m, 16762 ft., Rank #4)

Mt. Emin (4798m, 15,741 ft., Rank #7)

Mt. Nyiragongo (3470m, 11,382 ft., Rank #75)