Uganda is home to the Rwenzori Mountain Range. Climbing ‘The Mountains of the Moon’ as they are called, is a surreal experience. They contain the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th, 8th and 15th highest peaks in Africa. Mt. Stanley, the highest in the range, still requires glacier travel making it a truly unique experience, though that opportunity is quickly melting. Many of the other peaks involve scrambling, at times with crampons and short roping with your Guide. If technical climbing isn’t really your specialty, the Rwenzori circuit is fabulous rugged hike, even without bagging the peaks!

Ugandan Mountains:

Mt. Stanley (5109m, 16762 ft., Rank #4)

Mt. Speke (4890m, 16,043 ft., Rank #5)

Mt. Baker (4844m, 15,892 ft. Rank #6)

Mt. Gessi (4798m, 15,741ft., Rank #8)

Mt. Luigi di Savoia (4627m, 15,180 ft.)

Portal Peaks (4391m, 14,406 ft., Rank #15)

It should also be noted, that while Mt. Emin is in the DR Congo, it is climbed via the Ugandan Rwenzori circuit.

Mt. Emin (4798m, 15,741 ft., Rank #7)

Mt. Elgon is not part of the Rwenzori Range but rather straddles the boarder with Kenya and can be climbed from either side.

Mt. Elgon (4321m, 14,177 ft, Rank #17.)


Typical ‘groomed’ trail through the Rwenzori Circuit jungle.

Beautiful views of the Rwenzori Mountains.