Why Choose Us


Choosing the right service provider for trekking in Africa can be an intimidating and exhausting research endeavor.  Our goal is simple; to provide the highest quality, personalized and competitively priced professional African adventure facilitation.  Some of the most important things we recommend you consider when choosing a tour operator are:


It is very important to ensure you are not paying for services that are not actually practical.  In contrast, if you go with a package where the price seems too good to be true, it probably is, and you will end up paying for it in the quality, safety, service and comfort provided and more likely your porters will too.


Safety and risk mitigation has a lot to do with the service staff, including the staff to client ratio, staff experience and training, professionalism and established policies of the tour provider.  Great Rift Mountains and Safaris does not sub-contract climbing services to other companies in Tanzania, an only works with well known, trusted partners in other east African countries.  Our Guides and Porters work directly for us.  When you book Tanzania with us, you climb with us.  This assures consistency and quality of service from planning and booking stages right through to conduct of the climb and/or safari and getting you back safely.  That consistency and accountability allows us to maintain high quality service control, through our staff training and policies with safety at the forefront.


We mentioned that when you book Tanzania with us you climb with us, which is true.  However, other services, such as lodging, domestic flights, diving and possibly some other services depending on your package, are arranged with other companies.  We don’t own hotels, airplanes or boats.  This provides the benefit of you being able to choose from a variety of lodging options to fit your budget and desires.  It also makes things much less stressful for you to allow us to make arrangements like booking intra-African flights and other trip features which can be challenging and frustrating to book from abroad.  Our business is guided climbs, but we are happy to ‘take the pain away’ and book as much, or as little of the remainder of your trip as you wish.  With an intimate knowledge of the areas and partnerships with hotels and transport companies, we can make recommendations and arrangements for a safe and efficient vacation. We just really want you to enjoy your trip, feel safe, be stress free and be happy with our service.


This means the service provider has respect for your goals, safety, time, comfort and investment into adventure, but not at the expense of a lack of respect for the Guide and Porter Staff or the environment.  We take pride in treating our staff with dignity and with respect.  They work extremely hard in very harsh conditions to ensure that you achieve your goals safely and as comfortably as possible.  We also take pride in treating the environment and the mountains with respect.  We make every attempt at minimal impact climbing and camping and our goal is to always leave the environment we travel in cleaner than we found it.

“Take only pictures, leave only footprints!”

Achieving the highest standard and striking a fair balance between those priorities is our goal.

Great Rift Mountains and Safaris is a relatively small company, which allows us to provide personalized service without added expenses.  But the small size of our company is not indicative of our experience or quality.  On the contrary, it enables us to provide high quality, personalized and professional services for very efficient and competitive rates.  Our equipment is top-of-the-line, as is our staff!  We look forward to being part of your African adventures.