Meet Colman


Colman is not just the owner, but the heart and soul of Great Rift Mountains & Safaris.  These are his words:    

“My name is COLMAN TEMBA. I was born in December of 1979.  I attended school and started working as a porter on Kilimanjaro at the age of 15.  After graduating from secondary school in 2002, I received my license to guide clients on Kilimanjaro.  Some people ask me why I would climb while I was in school.  I did this because I needed money to pay for my school fees!  Education was very important to me.  Early in 2012, I had been guiding for 10 years, so I developed a plan to start my own company to organize trips on the mountains in Tanzania, safaris and Zanzibar.  My dream was to create a company to support my local community by creating more jobs.  With the help of my great friend Chris, who assists me with marketing and client bookings, now I have the company that I dreamed of.

Sometimes people ask me ‘how many times have I been on top of Kili?’. To be honest, I have been there more than 350 times.  It’s my hope to be there more than 1000 times if I will be healthy.  And sometimes I am asked ‘why do I want to start my own company?’.   I think when you start with a client from the beginning, from planning the trip until the time to make the trip, right to the end, this is more professional and will be a successful trip, rather than to talk with someone who does not go to work with you on your trip.  I saw ways to provide better services to clients and I wanted to base a company with a focus on service quality.  In the words of the famous mountaineer REINHOLD MESSNER, he says that GOOD PREPARATION LEADS TO GOOD SUCCESS, and the good preparation is to talk with someone who knows the mountain as the back of his hand.

Finally, people ask about my favorite route on Kili.  To be honest I used to love MACHAME before, but now I am so interested with NORTH CIRCUIT.  I like it not just because of its beauty.  I like it because it’s good for acclimatisation, which leads to success for my clients.

I also enjoy guiding on Mt Meru, and I started to also guide on Mt Oldoinyo Lengai.”

Colman’s skills as a guide, decision making on and off the mountains, his personality, humility, ethics and morals have shaped this great company.  And I know, if you are considering booking a trip, that the services Great Rift Mountains and Safaris provides under his leadership are unmatched.

To read more about Colman’s story, please see his Blog post here: Colman’s Blog