Northern Circuit Counter-Clockwise

One of our recommended routes, the Northern Circuit Counter-Clockwise is a relatively new route option that runs along the north side of Kili and allows almost a complete circumnavigation of Kibo.  This beautiful route allows you to experience a side of the mountain that most never see.  The route starts the same as Rongai, then heads around the north side of Kibo linking up with Machame route to the summit.  Only available in the dry season, it avoids the crowds of the more popular routes and is the recommended route for those wishing to do the Western Breach finish.  The altitude gain over the duration provides for excellent acclimatization for a high success rate.

Northern Circuit Clockwise can be done in 8, 9 or 10 days.

Sample Route (9 Days):

The Crater Camp Supplement is available upon special request.  This adds one day to the route and will only be accommodated on a 7 day itinerary (8 days total on the mountain) for safety reasons.

The Western Breach Alternative finish is available upon specific request.  The sample itinerary listed above will be amended to accommodate.


Pricing is based on the number of climbers in the group and the number of days on the mountain.  Pricing below does not include non-mountain costs such as airport transfers and lodging.  Those costs can be found by clicking here.

8 Days

9 Days

For groups larger than 8 and climbs longer than 9 days, please inquire via email for a custom quote.