Western Breach Alternate Finish

The Western Breach Alternate Finish is the most direct route to the summit, which isn’t necessarily a good thing at this altitude!  It is however, the adventurer’s choice.  Instead of following the crowds to Barafu and up to Stella’s Point to the summit, the route heads up a break in Kibo’s south face up to Crater Camp.  Difficult, loose, steep climbing persists.  This route was closed for sometime since 2006 due to deaths caused by rockfall from melting glaciers, but has recently reopened.  Route variations have been established in an attempt to avoid hazardous rock fall sections.

The Western Breach does pose dangers from rock fall and altitude sickness.  Evacuation off the route or from Crater Camp is extremely difficult compounded by the mandatory bold altitude gain.  An altitude gain is actually required before descent can occur.  All this over difficult ground and at a very challenging altitude for the rescue team.  As such, special rescue equipment will be taken, and critical consideration must be made when attempting this summit route.

Western Breach can be done via Lemosho, Machame or Northern Circuit Counter-Clockwise routes in 7, 8 or 9 days.

Sample Route (8 Days):


There is no additional cost to choose this variation.