African Travel

While in certain circumstances it is possible to purchase an entry Visa upon arrival, it is advantageous to have your Visas in your passport prior to departing on your trip.  If you pre-purchase your Visa(‘s), ensure you allow yourself enough time prior to departing for your trip for the embassy to return your passport with Visa to you.  It is best to check the destination country’s consulate website in your country for Visa details as relationships between destination and passport holder countries will vary the process.

Vaccinations should also be up to date prior to arrival.  Your doctor or local travel clinic will be able to provide you with the best advice on what vaccinations to have prior to departing.  Please keep in mind that if you are traveling through or to a Yellow Fever prone country, including Kenya (Nairobi), even if you are not leaving the airport, you will be denied entry into certain countries without proof of a current Yellow Fever vaccination.  It is best to get this prior to departing, rather than having to do it at the airport upon arrival, if that service is even offered at your particular arrival airport.

Malaria prophylaxis should be taken the entire time while in Africa, including at altitude, even though there are no mosquitoes.  This will provide adequate coverage in case you are bitten prior to or after a climb by a malaria infected mosquito.  These medications do not affect your ability to acclimatize.

A much more detailed information package will be provided to you via email once your trip is booked.  We are happy to answer any questions that you have prior to booking your trip.