Crater Camp Supplement

The Crater Camp Supplement is an extra night on Kili, in the actual crater near the summit.  Spending the night in the crater beside one of the last and disappearing glaciers on Kilimanjaro, you also have the opportunity to explore the ash pit up close.

While the Crater Camp is an unique and exciting adventure, it is not without discomfort and risk.  The venting of gases in the crater can make the smell unpleasant though not intolerable, compounded by the high altitude and more importantly, the altitude gain from the last camp to get to Crater Camp is significant.  We highly recommend spending at a minimum 7 days on the mountain, the higher the elevations the better, prior to the night at Crater Camp.  Ultimately, your condition prior to and during the ascent and including arrival at Crater Camp will dictate whether it is safe to actually stay the night or not.  Altitude illness is a serious consideration and rescue from Crater Camp is extremely difficult and dangerous for our staff.


The only additional charge for Crater Camp is the price to bring our supplemental oxygen system. This is in case of an emergency, we can put the patient on oxygen during decent to lower altitude. There are no other additional charges other than the extra night on the mountain.