Marangu Route

Marangu was the first route established to the summit of Kibo, and it is a busy route, there is no doubt about that! It is what is often called a ‘Tourists Route’ due to it’s high traffic and ‘luxurious’ amenities such as evenings in huts instead of tents and the ability to purchase soda and beer at the huts.  Not exactly a true adventurer’s choice, relatively speaking.  The route isn’t exactly ideal for acclimatization either, unless deviations are built in.  As such, the success rate on Marangu is often less than other routes.  But, if it sounds like we are trying to talk to out of this route, we are, except that it does have it’s own appeal.  Marangu is still a legitimate way to to the summit of Africa.  It is the legacy route and does hold history.  And of course, it can be comfortable in huts, especially in the wet seasons.  There is no escalator, and as such, Marangu offers very viable and respectable options for disabled or otherwise physically disadvantaged trekkers on it’s well established trail.

Marangu variations can be done in 6 days.  We will only accommodate 5 day itineraries if you have been pre-acclimatized (within the last 2 days) on Mt. Meru or another high altitude peak.

Sample Route (6 Days):


Pricing is based on the number of climbers in the group and the number of days on the mountain.  Pricing below does not include non-mountain costs such as airport transfers and lodging.  Those costs can be found by clicking here.

6 Days

For groups larger than 8 and climbs longer than 6 days, please inquire via email for a custom quote.