My Trip to Mbeya

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My Trip to Mbeya

Posted by in Colman | November 10, 2016

My apologies for not posting in a couple weeks.  Recently I made a trip to Mbeya from Moshi, via Arusha.  It was October 1 when we started in Moshi early in the morning at 5:30am.  I used a local bus from Moshi to Mbeya.  It was great.  We arrived in Mbeya very late, past midnight at 00:45am.  On the way there are great view.  One which was great was Mtera dam.  The dam was between Dodoma and Iringa.  Also the landscape between the two towns is great.  Also the landscape of Iringa town was great too.

In Mbeya town also the landscape it was great.  I spent some days in Mbeya visiting my friends and relatives.  On October 7 I start to go to the mountain Rungwe.  From Mbeya to the main Rungwe gate takes 3 hours by local bus.  On the way to the gate there are lots of big farms of tea.  It was really beautiful.


At the gate we needed to register.  Normally people they use two days to climb it.  The first days they use to look for Kipunje monkeys.  Then the next day they go to the summit.  But for me, I use only 9 hours up and down, but I did not manage to see any Kipunje monkeys.  The landscape is great.  Also there are lots of difference flowers on the way to the summit.  There are plenty of rose berries.  I really enjoyed the hike.

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The next day I go to Tukuyu town.  I stopped there for traditional dance festival.  It was really nice with lots people.  The festival was from October 8 – 9.  I spent 2 days in Tukuyu town.

Then I proceeded to Matema Beach on Lake Nyasa.  From Tukuyu town to Matema beach it takes almost 5 hours.  The beach was great.  Very cool not and not too many people.  The water is really warm.  I really enjoyed the swimming.  I had a great view of sun rise from Blue Canoe Safari Camp.


This was my trip to Mbeya in October 2016.  This is a trip that I can arrange for you if you are interested in exploring Tanzania beyond the typical Kilimanjaro and safari options.  A trip like this will get you off the beaten path and to experience much more of my beautiful country.  I look forward to your comments and questions.